Busy Week

Hello Guys,
It’s been such a busy week this week. First of all, i got accepted onto my apprenticeship(which i am so, so happy about). It took a while to know what i wanted and what path i wanted to take, but i finally chose!!! Last weekend, i went to Brentwood, which was so fab!! I met sam faiers, billie faiers, Harry Derbridge, charlie Sims and loads more. I went into Minnies first, and bought a Minnies  Onesie, which is so cute (£25). You can also purchase this on http://www.minniesboutiques.co.uk. Then i had a lovely lunch at Charlie’s deli, which was lovely. I had a hot chocolate and Salmon bagel with some salad. Then i went into Harry’s shop, and bought some little cute earrings, and then went onto Amy’s boutique and got a notebook and pen, which is very helpful for college notes!

Hope you had a lovely week, and a fab weekend
See you guys soon,
Amy x

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