Back to college/school haul

Hello guys,

It’s that time again when summers over and college,school or uni’s all go back! So i thought I would do a back to college haul! All the things I will need for college; 
So first of all, the lovely Tesco, I bought an A4 lever arch folder, in pink (obvs) because I will need this to put all my work and notes in. I also bought some pencils and pens because I willl obviosuly need these to write notes out. Then I went onto WHSmith and bought some dividers, so I can section all my work up. Then I bought loads of things to go in my black and white spotty pencil case; things like highlighters, colouring pencils&stuff like that! I also bought a whiteboard for home, so I can organise my time up, and know what day I will be doing what! I also bought my bag from Primark if any of you is wondering, it fits all my books, pencil case, purse and my folder in, so it’s a pretty big bag, exactly what I needed for college! I am in my second year of college, so no doubt there will be a lot more other things I will need. I Am going to be adding some pictures of what I included in here, of all my stationery. 
See you guys soon

Purse- primark(£5)

Lever arch folder-Tesco (£4) 

Notebook- tesco (£2.50)

Bag- Primark (£12) 

Pencil case- WHSmith, I forgot the price sorry!

Pens,pencils, highlighters-Tesco/whsmith 

Whiteboard-Tesco (£3)

Dividers- WHSmith (£3) 

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