Back to school/college part 2

Soooo guys,
It is the time of year when everyone goes back to school, college or uni. So whats a better time to do a haul!!! My beauty picks for going back to school or college, would defiantly have to be a subtle look. I am loving the Rimmel wake me up concealer, it is kind to the skin and is really good. I am also loving the simple products at the moment, i have always loved these as it has always been good for dry skin and makes the skin glowing. It is also really kind to the skin. I am loving the MAC line, yes it is expensive but it does last a really long time. I get all my foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and eye shadows from there. 
Clothing Picks: If you go to school, some may have to wear a school uniform but this is mostly for college. College is a way you can dress casual/smart. I am loving the pastel colours at the moment, especially in the summer/autumn season. When i am at college, i love just wearing something really comfortable but also fashionable. So a blazer or a waterfall kimono with a strap top and some jeans or leggings. It is the most simple look with a pair of converse or little cute sandals!!
Accessories: A big bag is always a must as you have a lot of things to fit in, i am loving my brown bag from Primark and it is cheap, but it doesn’t look it, and has lasted a really long time. An over sized scarf is my fave!!! I love the 3 rings you can get, which look really lovely on all outfits.

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