Feeling Ill:(


I have today woken up with a sore throat, feeling groggy and feeling like i have no energy in the world. This is the worst thing, when you are feeling ill, but there are many ways to overcome this and do it in style. I went to the doctors first thing this morning and i have tonsillitis again(Hurrah, not). But if you are feeling ill, here are some top tips. 
♥Admit defeat.
You will not feel any better going to work/college or school, ring your boss or tutor up and take the laptop up to your bedroom, this will be your little sick place.

♥Put on a onesie/PJ’s 
Wear something that will make you feel comfortable and that you can laze in around all day, this is what i like doing with a cup of tea/hot chocolate or some water.

♥Take some tablets
i have always said, i do not need to take tablets, it will go away without them. Until i get really bad and then i just admit defeat and take them anyway.

♥ Plenty of sleep and rest
This is vital for your body to heal as your body needs to relax to fight away the illness. A rest could be somewhere like in the bath, with the lights off and the candles on, something that relaxes you. This is what i always do and it relaxes me so much

♥The entertainment:
Put on a movie that you enjoy, with a blanket round you. Check in on your social media and what everyone else is up too, i love checking my social media, I mean who doesn’t love scrolling through twitter, instagram, we heart it and pintrest!!(Don’t lie to me now haha)

If you have a cold or a sore throat eat some icecream, icecream soothes the throat and i love, love icecream and have some throat sweets. Don’t eat a lot so that you over do it, that’s not the key!!

♥Doing something you enjoy
Scrolling through your social media, reading a book, watching a movie or a tv programme(Keeping up with the kardashians is my favorite) and write something on your blog, if you have one (Oh Hiii)
So this is what i enjoy doing when i am ill, 

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