Style Tips and youtubers

so recently i went into New Look and bought a lovely waterfall blazer from New Look i have inserted the link here, as i thought it was  beautiful, it was originally £24.99 but it has gone down to £13.00. It is a lovely light blue blazer and it looks so casual but i can also be worn for interviews and going out. I found it really goes well with a strap top and some jeans. 
I then went onto Boohoo and omg, the dress i found is lovely and really casual, but you can also dress it up. You can get it in various colours and it is really reasonably priced. As it is autumn, it is long enough to wear with some leggings underneath so you can have that extra layer underneath. Boohoo this is the link for the maxi dress. It is only £10, so it is not overly priced. 
I recently purchased the CremeBlend blush on MAC for £18.00, and you can choose what colour you would like. I purchased the something special shade and it is just a rosy pink blush shade. You can also purchase this on the website, like i did 
This is all that i purchased this week, if you have any style tips, you can leave comments on this blog post and it will help me and other people! 
Youtube: The you tubers i am watching this week are Zoella, Tanya Burr, Gabriella, PointlessBlog, Marcus Butler, sprinkle of glitter and Floral Princess
Thank you

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