Hiya Guys,
This weekend i went to frankie and benny’s for my brother’s birthday, that was on the 15th september, we had such a lovely meal out. It was just Me, My brother and my Mum. I had a burger and chips and it was delicious! 
As Frankie and Benny’s is in the middle of a shopping place, we decided to go shopping (this is always happening haha). I bought a lovely onesie from Matalan for £10 and it is just a lovely aztec pattern and so comfy! I needed some more Simple products as i am running out of them! I love simple as it is so kind to the skin and has no chemicals in, it is just a natural skin care regime/product.

I cannot believe my brother turned 13, a TEENAGER. He is growing up so fast!
I bought him an album he has wanted for a while and gave him some money as well.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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