Revision techniques

Hello guys,
sorry i don’t post as much, but i have been quite busy with work and college coursework.
Today i am going to be doing a ‘How to Revise’ blog post. If you are doing January exams i hope this helps.

♥Post it notes: These are a fab way to revise, you can stick them everywhere. When i was doing my GCSE exams, these came in handy and i had the different colour ones as i love having colour on my notes, it helps me remember stuff easily

♥ Writing notes in colour: Oh yes, this is fab! Get loads of different colouring pens and pencils and write your notes in colour. Sometimes if you need to remember something, you can remember the colour you used and it will all come back to you.

♥Have a revision group: Get a group of mates to come round and revise with you! This is so much more fun thegn doing it by yourself. Get some treats whilst your working and revise with your friends. This is a more better way to do it as you can get ideas from them as well.

♥Plenty of breaks: Take plenty of breaks, this will leave your mind feeling refreshed. Take 15 mins break and do what you want to do. This will make sure your brain is not being overfilled, as sometimes it is worse as you have too much stuff to remember and you forget/getting stressed.

♥Music: If you are like me and don’t like doing revision when it is completely silent, listen to your favorite music. When i am doing my coursework my earphones go in and it makes me concentrate more! I love doing that.

Hope this has helped
Good Luck!

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