Autumn Style

Hello Gals&Guys,
Tomorrow is October, the month of Autumn YAY! I love autumn as it has so many beautiful leaves and most importantly the clothes and accessories. So down below i will put all the links of clothes that have the autumn feel to it! Lets Gooooo,
As you may (or may not know) This is my favorite online clothing shop! If you use the word ‘cosy’ you can get 25% off of your Autumn wardrobe.
This is the link for the Autumn wadrobe clothing  I love this as you can also get a discount for your favorite clothing yay!

New Look
I am loving this orange sweater it is so comfy! Orange is such an autumn colour as well as the leaves change colours to orange, so i always resemble orange as an autumn colour. This is the  link to get the jumper(YAY)  £14.99
I am loving oversized scrunchies, they are so great to compliment an outfit! It is on the New look sale and is only £1.00 Yay!

So moving away from day clothing, how about some evening clothing/accessories..
I am loving this black chain trim shoulder jumpsuit, it is so beautiful and is such a lovely piece of clothing for the evening! This is from New look for £9. It will be in store as well as online.

This is just a couple of items i choose.

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