Hello Guys,
I cannot believe we are in October, this year has flown by! This month is the time for Halloween(spooooky). I love halloween, you can decorate the house with pumpkin and ghost lights and even make your own pumpkin to put outside your house or by the fireplace.

I love October as it is the time that it is cold enough to put the fire on, grab a hot chocolate with loads of blankets around you with a movie on. It is so surreal that in 2 months it will be Christmas, i cannot believe it!!! I have seen so many christmas decorations and things surrounding christmas in the supermarkets already!!! I love the build up to Christmas, as you are decorating all your house in lovely lights and it just looks really festive. My family tradition for Christmas is on Christmas eve we all go to a panto and then you really know it is Christmas. I love a bit of Panto!!!! 

So Halloween is coming up and i have a few parties that are going on in that time and i have no clue what to dress up as! I love dressing up for halloween as that is the time where some people go all out with their outfits and look really spooky and scary. I want to know if you have picked your outfits yet and what you are going as

Just a short little blog post! sorry for rambling a bit guys..


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