favourite songs

Hi all

I am loving the ed sheeran album X it is such a lovely calming album. When I am chilling out I always put this album on,on Spotify. I am loving Spotify you can listen to new songs for FREE. I mean who doesn’t love free stuff. My favourite song from ed’s song is thinking out loud and I love the video for it, also I love photograph,such a beautiful song.

All about that bass is such an amazing song and i think it relates to many people and sends a lovely message out saying whatever weight you are,you are still beautiful

Union j’s you got it all is such an amazing song, I really like union j as their songs aren’t all the same. I think that’s important as you can hear more of their voices on this song.

X factor; stereo kicks are amazing. You may know Jake sims, I’ve supported him well before the x factor when he was a soloist. So for 3 years. I am also a massive fan of Andrea as well. Hes voice is so unique.

THAT’S all for now

Love and hugs.
Amy xxx

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