vlogging and London?

Hello everyone,
I have always wanted to vlog my days out and what I do on a day to day basis! This has been requested in emails that have been sent to me! I want to do this but this month I am crazy busy with work and stuff!! But I have some exciting stuff happening next month which I would love to vlog. I’m going to be spending more time in London with other people and I would love to vlog that, if that is something you would be interested in maybe?
I turn 18 in June and I am crazy excited about that as I have my best friend Lydia who I have mentioned in a previous blog post coming down for the weekend for our 18th, as I turn 18 on the 17th June and her birthday is on the 18th!
Obviously I cannot vlog at work or college, but days when I finish early or start late I may do a vlog on what I get up to!
I will obviously tell you more stuff about it when it is up and running!

See you all later,

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