Easter all over&shoppinng

Hello Guys,
Easter is all over:( I loved spending time with my family this Easter and it is now bank holiday Monday! I went to westfield today and bought a few bits! My fave shop to look in at the moment is select (There were some sales in there as well) I bought a beautiful white and black plaid skirt, a long sleeved striped top and a crochet black playsuit which I fell in love with. The skirt was £7.99, the shirt was £5.99 and the playsuit was £16.99. I will try and leave the links down below if I can find them online.
Skirt: http://www.selectfashion.co.uk/clothing/s041-0901-39_mono.html
Top: http://www.selectfashion.co.uk/clothing/s041-1402-61_mono.html
Playsuit: http://www.selectfashion.co.uk/clothing/s041-1104-18_black.html

I bought a few homeware bits in primark and I actually love primark homeware. Their lights are amazing and I love their duvet sets and the pillows.

You cannot go to westfield and not buy Millies cookies: Their deals are incredible and all their cookies taste amazing. I recently found a milkshake/smoothie place there called Sblended (it is on the ground floor to the back) I love it there and I always get the cream cruncher (Kinder Bueno White, Whipped cream and love hearts on top). Writing this is making me want another one so bad!!!

Hope you all had an amazing Easter

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