Brill weekend

Hiya Guys,

I have had such a lovely weekend with my friends, we decided to get our hair done and I have just gone blonder. I thought I would go lighter for summer as I love my hair bright in the summer and a bit darker in the winter. I am super excited as I have signed up for the blogger programme and I have had so many opportunities with them. I will leave their link below, but you can always inbox new brands on their page and there are always job and brand opportunities. I recently wrote a blog post about a food company and they have given me so many opportunities.

I cannot believe the weekend is over already. On Friday I went to chessignton with my family and it was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and everyone was super excited. We came home but got stuck on the motor way for ages, I hate traffic:(

I hope you have had an amazing weekend.
Love Always

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