The fashion Culte Magazine App

Hiya Guys,

I inboxed the fashion culte magazine as I have always been interested in working with them and today in this blog post, I am here to tell you a bit about their business and their new app that is up and running from today!

So the fashion culte magazine is all about hair, beauty, fashion and your health. They tell you the spring trends from this year and it really helps when picking your spring/summer wardrobe! As a girl and someone who doesn’t earn that much money, I am always trying to find new ways to buy makeup and not spend so much money on each item. They have an article about makeup from under £10 and I love It as it is really good makeup products as I have used some of them mentioned in their article.

As I mentioned they have a brand new app out right now! It is on all iOS devices and android phones. This will make things easier as you won’t have to go to the website but you have the app!!! The app is free as well which is an added bonus! All links will be linked below! The Fashion Culte magazine on the go!

I hope you enjoy the app and their magazine in general!
Amy  xx

Android App:
iOS App:

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