Boat Trip&some exciting news!

Hiya Guys and gals,

I went on a boat trip today and it was such a lovely Day. It was only round my local boating area but the sun was shining and I took some beautiful pictures! I love taking pictures as you can always hold onto the memories and the beautiful places. I will attach the photos in this blog post! I love going on boats and it is the one where you can actually drive the boat. The first time we must of crashed the boat more times than needed!!! But now we are defiantly getting better at it I must say! So here are some of the pictures I took..

My beautiful Mum and brother

As you can see the view was amazing!
EXCITING NEWS: I am doing my first interview on this blog with this up and coming singer! I met him through twitter a few months ago and you might of seen him a bit on this blog when I went to he’s meetup! He’s name is Luke Taylor and I will leave all he’s social links below! I am so excited as I wanted to do something different on this blog and when I asked him, he accepted( which I am so happy about and so so grateful I have an amazing person)
Luke’s social links:

My social links:

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