Going back to brown hair and cutting my hair short?

Hiya Guys,
As you all know I went blonde around February time and I love being blonde but my roots keep coming through. It is so expensive to be blonde, so I thought I would go back to my roots brown hair but with caramel highlights. I think this would help my hair become more healthier.

Cutting my hair short?
I was looking through some pictures and I want to cut my hair. I want it in a bob style haircut, because I think this would look nice and also my hair would look more healthier when the dead ends have been cut off from the dye. I’m not too sure at the moment, but comment what you think

I am going to Oxford circus on Friday, and I was wondering if you wanted a vlog? I would love to take you guys around with me, and those who don’t live in London can come round with me and explore London virtually. I would love to do a haul of the bits I and bobs I will get on Friday.
If you would like to see me vlog London then let me know in the comments.

See you guys all later
Amy x

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