My lyla loves wish list (AD)

hiya guys,
Lyla loves recently contacted me on the blogger programme and they asked me to do a wishlist. They have so many beautiful items and I just want them all haha!

I have selected a few that apart from me liking, hopefully you like them too and make a purchase of it as well. The accessories and jewellery are such affordable prices.

The first item is a beautiful necklace, it is a multi coloured statement necklace and is only £10, but looks so much more expensive than that. It is really nice to maybe jazz up an outfit that might be a casual outfit and you want to go subtle with a piece of jewellery. The link to this beautiful necklace is

The next is some blue midi rings. I love midi rings as it can be paired with a casual or a smart day/evening event. These rings are £3 and you get a set of 3.  I love rings but especially a set of rings for that price

They have a new range of phone cases out and my favourite one is a butterfuly phone case. This would be perfect for the summer as butterflies are very summery and its on a red background which is a really bright colour. They are only £3 which is amazing.

The crocodile bags are really in trend as well, but in other shops they are that little bit pricier than Lyla loves! This bag is beautiful, it has a light pinky brown shade around the bag and has that crocidle effect. It has a strap and two zips down the side of it. For £8 this bag is a bargain as I am currently looking for a bag.

The metallic tattoos are really in trend for the festival season. I love these as they are gold and look incredibly amazing! They can be paired with any outfit, and will look amazing on a holiday or if you are going to a festival as I see a lot of celebrities rocking these out. I recently saw Vanessa Hudgens rocking this and zoella! Vanessa Hudgens wore this to Coachella and these are at an amazing price £1and they are the arm tattoos.

Hope enjoyed this little blog post and what I am loving at Lyla loves at the moment!!!
Amy x

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