Soccer six charlton and wednesday?

Hiya Guys,

I am so excited for next sunday, I am going to soccer six at Charlton, this is my second soccer six and this year too!!! I went to the Brentwood Dunk ‘n’ funk one in February as a standard and this time I thought I would get the VIP one as it is in a stadium! I am really excited and the line up is amazing so far. It starts at 11:00 and finishes at 7 as the VIP’s get to watch the performances after the football games as well.

I am really excited as the 2 younowers I have watched for a while are going there as well and I cannot wait to meet them! Callum Higgins+Jack sims! All their younow links will be left down below..
You can get your soccer six tickets here and also tells you a little bit more information about the event and how to get there (

Apart from soccer six Benj and Benji (I will leave their links down below) are hosting a meetup on Wednesday (27/5/15) at Leicester square so if you are free pop down! Theres going to be a range of people there with more people being announced. You can follow them on their twitter page where the line up is. This ranges from Chasing Midnight, Ollie wade, ryan Harman and fourth divide) Their twitter is so go follow them and find out the full line up! The meetup is from 1pm-4pm!

Callum’s younow:

Jack’s Younow:

See Ya all later
Amy x

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