Meetup Fun!

Hiya Guys,
As you may or may not know, I went to Benj&Benji’s meetup In Lecister square yesterday. It was so good to see some more familiar faces. The meetup was amazing, one of the best I have been to this year infact! So it started at 1, and I went over to see Benj&Benji and then I got reunited with my fave Keeley. Then i met a few new faces callum Richards, Just James and chasing midnight. Joey Devries was also there which was really fab. All in all it was such a good day and i took a load of pictures. I will link people’s twitters down..

Chasing Midnight

Callum Richards

Just James

Joey Devries


Thank you for a good meetup! It was amazing Benj&Benji!
See some of ya at soccer six
Amy xxx
Twitter links+stuff
Callum Richards:
Just James:
Boyz Klub:
Joey Devries:
Chasing Midnight:

Also can you go and check out some of Benji’s stuff please we would both appreciate it: xxxxx

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