Chase Blake review

Hiya Guys,

I am back again!!! As you have seen the meetup blog post and it was amazing, I attached a few photos as well.

I thought I would do a blog post about Chase Blake (Benji) and how he was interacting with the fans. Out of every time I have seen Benji he has been the most nicest guy ever and taken some time out of he’s schedule to put meetups like this one to interact with he’s fans and get to know the fans who support him on a daily basis. He was really lovely the times I have met him and always gone out of he’s way to do anything with he’s fans. He takes a lot of pictures with a lot of fans and doesn’t mind chatting to them about what they have been doing and just general stuff. He has also the energy to get the crowd going and the fans will always respond to him in a really positive vibe. When I saw him at soccer six, I hadn’t got VIP:( so I couldn’t watch he’s live performance but a lot of people were saying on twitter that he got the crowd going and that he connected with everyone in the room. As of being a fan Benji doesn’t really treat you like a fan more like an old friend and he always has that banter as he would say. The interaction with the fans doesn’t stop at the meetups and the times you meet him, he always interacts with a lot of fans through he’s twitter and instagram page. When I told Benji about my blog, he was always supporting me and promoted it on he’s twitter page a few times.

He is always thanking us for our support and is happy to meet all new fans and he’s personality defiantly comes through with that and all the hard work and determination he puts into he’s work and he’s original songs and writing show how enthusiastic he is about the work he does, and will always give back to the fans that have been there from the start and never forgets about the new fans either. Benji is always so bubbly and will always get the atmosphere bubbly and just a fun place to be in. When I watched he’s newest cover, you could see how much time and determination he has put into that song. I Really enjoy supporting Benji and everytime I see him, he always recognises me and we’ll always have a few laughs and chats.. The fan interaction to me is always important and Benji defiantly gives the impression that he is so thankful for the support. Everytime he does a new thing, he will always include the fans in this and never forgets the fans in he’s work.

Thank you for everything you do for me and the other fans
Amy x

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