soccer six VIP

Heya Guys,
There was no blog post on my usual uploading day (sunday) as I was at soccer six! It was such an amazing day with amazing people. I got to see a lot of new people and they were all lovely.

I got to see Franklin Lake again, and safe to say they done everybody proud! They really got the crowd going with their songs.. You can also preorder their single supersonic and it is out on the 21st June, so not long too go!  for only 79p!
I got a load of selfies, Ray Quinn, Bobby Lockwood, Gabz, Jordi Whitworth, chasing midnight and loads of others.

It was my first time going VIP soccer six and safe to say it was amazing, we got to sit in the VIP lounge and just chill with the players and also watch the game from the box.. Thank you to soccer six, who arranges such an a amazing event! There doing soccer six fest in Mile end football club and that is on the 16th august! for more updates go onto their twitter: @soccersix

soccer six pictures:
Franklin Lake: @FranklinLake_



Chasing Midnight @ChasingMnight

Callum Higgins: @ItsCallum

Nathan Grsidale: @NathanGrisdale

Richard Whisker @RichardWhisker14

Josh Clayden @JoshClayden

Cal Turner: @CalTurnerUK

I had such a good day yesterday and cant wait for the next soccer six!!!
Amy x


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