Things i miss about school

Hiya Guys,
As most of you are ready to be leaving school as you may be in year 11 or year 13 I thought I would write a blog post. I left school 2 years ago(I left at the end of year 11) and I couldn’t wait to get out of school, to get in the real world…
2 years forward, this brings us to now.. I have realised that school was the best time of my life. I made a lot of friends at school, some I am still friends with now, some not so much but I got used to seeing the same faces everyday weather that was my year, year above or the year below us, and that made me feel used to the school..

It was so much easier than going to work and college. The days we used to start at 9 and finish at 3 are long gone now (I actually had a social life at school because these hours were perfect) and at college I start at 9 and finish at 5, so more work, less social life. I start work all different times so It is hard to fit it round

Remember when we thought an hour lesson was the longest time of your life, it really wasn’t! Now I have classes for 3 hours lunch and then another 3/4 hours. I didn’t used to like having an hour lesson or a double lesson, but I really wish I had that now!

I loved prom. I think prom was the best day of my school days as it was a time to let your hair down and forget about school. Getting ready, date and having a good old laugh with your mates. We had our prom in a lovely hall and it was all beautifully decorated, so prom was defiantly the highlight and a night I will never forget

We had an assembly where we could collect awards, sign people’s tops and just say goodbye to the people we had seen everyday for the last 5 years. It hit me that I was actually leaving school and going into the real world and going to a place I had never gone to before and was really out of my comfort zone!

Weekends/ homework
What a luxury for a weekend, sometimes at work I will be called into work on a Saturday and if not it would be spent doing coursework and i miss the weekends to myself and hanging out with my friends when i was at school. I used to always complain about homework, but i would rather have homework then the amount of coursework i do have..

Even though i didn’t like school whilst i was there you come to realise that school was more of an easy life and you would always have the teacher’s support if you needed anything..
That’s all for now
Amy x

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