Youtuber Gathering and vlogging?

Hello guys,
Hope your enjoying the lovely sunshine in England! It is boiling and it is meant to be getting hotter, it always makes me happy when the sun Is shining.

Anyway some people have been organising a meetup and will have a number of youtubers going. They are up and coming youtubers and it is so exciting! Can’t wait for that to happen, as I have been speaking to a few people who are goingsuch as Matt Barclay, Daniel James, Jack Meighan and so many more! As usual all their links will be left at the end of the blog post!

Location: Hyde Park near the river
Time: 12pm
When: 12th July

I am so happy that amazing people have decided to come up with this idea as it will be such a fun day, playing football, getting to know other youtubers and fans and also just chilling together

I was wondering about vlogging the whole meetup as well as it will be a fun day to vlog and some people may want to see it. I really want to vlog me meeting Matt as well as he has been such an amazing person to me and it will be so nice to see him and just chat and of course get loads of selfies with everyone

Lineup and also twitter names: Matt Barclay:

+Many more, more may be announced, check out their twitter which is linked at the end of the blog post for more information!!!!!!

so if you are free on that day come along and have loads of fun!!
Hope to see some of you there
Amy xxxx


Youtuber Gathering Twitter:

People who have organised it:

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