12th July meet up

Hello guys,

Yesterday I went to a meet up kind of like a younow meet up and was reunited with some of the most amazing people and the people that make me smile the most. I love having days like that where you just don’t stop smiling and laughing and it’s all because of such a nice group of people. 
STOP 1: Leicester Square. So we met up with Adam Fraser, Jake skingle, Tyler Heath, Jack Clarke, Connor meyrick and Erick, and just chilled with these lot for a while. They are such amazing people who I have shared so many memories with and will forever cherish these memories. My friend Hadee also came along and it was just such a good day. 
Stop 2: Hyde park. We got the train to the you tubers gathering meet up in Hyde park with the same people. And to say the least had such an entertaining train journey but funny all the same and we walked to the lake and found some more people there. I finally met my best friend Matt Barclay after a year of knowing people and it was such an emotional meet, I just felt so happy to have met him at long last. I was also reunited with Garry and he is such an angel and no one will ever know how much he actually makes me happy! 
We took loads of pictures at the meet up and these are some of the best people I have ever met. A quote I like to use is “surround yourself with people who make you smile and laugh all day and everyday even if you aren’t with them”
Here’s some pictures from the day 
Me and Garry
Bestest friend in the whole world
Jake (biggest twat but so many memories)💕
Cause why not
Best friends❤️
Erick and hadee❤️
Tyler ft Jack❤️
“Surround yourself with people that make you laugh” this picture is a perfect example 😂
I had such a lovely day with the most amazing people. 
See you all soon for another blogpost
Amy x

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