Going on Holiday

Hiya Guys,

I have finally finished work for the summer and I am going away on Friday. I am going to Spain and I am looking forward to having a relaxing holiday! I’m going away with my family for 11 days! We’re staying in the premier inn on the Friday as our flight is super early Saturday morning!

I am looking forward to just chilling, soaking up the sun and just having a  nice holiday with my family. I have seen quite a few summer look books and was wondering if you would like a blog post at the end of my holiday of the looks from the airport to the looks from the looks to what I wear in the evening on holiday. I have picked up a few nice clothes, just little bits and bobs that I had to get. I looked in primark and select and I am really impressed in what they have in stock. especially primark as it is so cheap but so nice and I found a playsuit in there for £7 and was in topshop for £30 so bargain. I have also been looking at the new look sale 60% off! Got to love a sale…

I am really looking forward to this holiday as we didn’t get to go away last year so we stayed in England, so it will be nice to get away

Hope you enjoyed this blog post

Amy x

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