David coslett breakthrough album


I’ve just returned from my holiday and it was amazing! 
So David coslett has just finished he’s break through tour and I am gutted that I couldn’t go to the tour:(. I have heard so many great reviews about it and I wanted to do a blog post about he’s new album! I have this on repeat all day everyday, it is just so amazing! I will be leaving the links at the end of this blog post. So the album has 5 songs on it and comes to a total of £2,95 for the whole album. 
The list of the songs
Find herself
16 (Sofia Jenkins)
Now and always (Sofia Jenkins) 
The album is called beakthrough-EP! And I hope you all buy this amazing album as David is so talented and he will get so far! 
He really interacts with he’s fans through he’s gigs, events and he’s Twitter!
Hope you have an amazing holiday all of you and happy reading!!
Amy x
Twitter: @David_Coslett
WHERE YOU CAN BUY HES ALBUM; http://itun.es/gb/UkfM7 -£2.95 

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