I dyed my hair??

Hiya guys,

So I have been so so busy with lots of college work. I am now studying health and social care and I a  loving it at the moment. It is so interesting and i cannot wait to start my placement next month. If you have gone to college/uni/school/sixth form, how is it for you?!

So anyway, yesterday I went to get my hair done and I didn’t want to be blonde. As it is coming up to Autumn now, I wanted something that was dark and I was trying to find a dark colour, but as I am pale, it was really hard. So I spoke to my hairdresser and she found this beautiful colour! It is like a dark purple/red colour. The best way to describe it is plum! I love this and think it really compliments my skin colour as well. I am going to insert some pictures here

So this is the colour of my hair now and I Love it! I love it as its a dark colour but not too dark and is really lovely for the winter.

Sorry for the short blog post.

Amy xxx

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