Garry Caprani Headline Gig!!

Hello everyone

I went to Garry Caprani’s gig last night and Wow!!! What an amazing night, I am so privileged to support such an amazing person and watch Hes first headline gig! I am so proud of him and he has done so so well! He had a few support acts, Ollie Wade, JayJay, shawn Colwill and Sam Tompkins joined the main man himself Garry Caprani! It was such a mixture of emotions of the songs some of the act sung as it had so many messages behind the song and the amount of support in the room was amazing! I just want to say a massive thank you to Garry for giving me tickets!

So much emotion in JayJays performance!!

Reunited with Ollie Wade! Smashed he’s performance

Forever proud of Garry! He bought so many emotions to the stage and I am so proud of him! He smashed he’s first ever headline gig, and he should be so proud of himself also..
I enjoyed every minute of the gig and I can’t wait for more events from him!!!
Garry’s Twitter: @GarryDCaprani
Ollie’s Twitter: @OllieWadeMusic
JayJays Twitter: @JayJaysDiary
Sam Tompkin twitter: samTompkinsUK
Ollie also has he’s first headline gig in London at the borderline on the 20th December. He will be so grateful for anyone who buys a ticket to support him at the headline gig! You can buy tickets here:
Thank you for reading
Amy x

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