little update and David’s living room tour!

Hello Guys,

How are you all? I have been so so busy this past week even though it has been half term. I have been doing endless coursework!!

Yesterday: Yesterday I went to Roisin’s house for David Coslett’s living room tour. He came around 4 and left at about 7. When he came he sang a couple of songs from he’s EP ‘Breakthrough’ which is such a good album. Links will be left at the end of the blog post as always. David also sang a few new songs and 2 covers which was amazing. At the end of it we all got a lot of pictures and he was also selling he’s merch. I picked up a T-shirt *which may I add is so so comfy* and this was £10 with a free wristband… I just want to say thank you to David for coming and seeing us all and to Roisin and her family for letting us come round, for the food and the lifts! It was such an amazing day, so here’s to the next living room tour in the new year;)

Tomorrow: Tomorrow as you may or may not know is soccer six Dunk ‘N’ Funk at Brentwood. I am so excited for soccer six as i am going with a couple of my friends and soccer six is always such a good day. It is getting more chilled out as the events go on and the line up is also a really good line up also, so i am very very excited for tomorrow and seeing everybody. Liv my friend also won soccer six fan player which i am so happy about for her and i just want to say congratulations to you!

David’s EP! 

David’s shop: 

David’s website: 

My favourite song off the EP has got to be 16 as it is such a lovely song! 

I hope you have liked this blog post!
see you all again soon
Amy x

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