My favourite cover (November) Featuring JameBoy

Hiya Guys,

So i was wondering what blog post i should write about and all of a sudden i saw that my favourite person had uploaded a cover of Ariana Grande’s new song ‘Focus’. When i first heard this song, i instantly fell in love with it as is it so up beat and a really catchy song..

The favourite cover of the month is JameBoy’s cover of focus. He has put he’s own little twist onto the song to make it more catchy and he was one hell of a sassy person and a sassy singer. So i first heard about JameBoy from a good friend of mine Poppy and she shared he’s YouTube channel to me and i instantly fell in love with he’s youtube channel. I listened to some of the covers he had done and watched he’s videos. I love how real he is and a lot of people may feel that they are scared to be themselves or think if they are doing Youtube or a blog then they have to be like the likes of Tanya Burr and Zoella. With JameBoy he is just real and that is him. I first started talking to JameBoy in August/September time this year and he is just so down to earth and i feel that he is one of my friends, whenever i need cheering up he will always be there for me and just give me a pick me up or post a new video which makes me even more happier.

So i really go and encourage you to go watch he’s cover of focus as it is so amazing and he also posted Adele’s Hello cover which is also amazing. The amount of emotion he puts into he’s songs are unbelievable and he is so talented it is amazing!!!!

I hope i could meet him one day and tell him how much of an inspiration he is to me to just be real and it doesn’t matter what anybody else says about you: ‘If you are happy just go for it.’ That quote he recently told me, has stuck with me in anything i do!!!

I really hope you like the cover: As always links will be linked down below after this blog post

Love Always
Amy x

Focus Cover Link:
JameBoy’s YT channel:



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