Festive Favourites

Hiya Guys.

I cannot believe it is only 12 days until Christmas, how surreal is that!! I have done all my christmas shopping and wrapped up all my presents. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and i love it! I think as it brings back so many happy memories, surrounding Christmas each year and i love when all my family gets together and we spend it all together.
So i thought i would do some festive favourites so here goes…

1) Jameboy’s cover of Chris Brown ‘This Christmas’. I love this song but when i found out he covered it and i listened to it, i was in love. As some of you may know me and Jameboy have got really close recently and he is so talented and he just slays that song. It’s like the song was made for him to cover and i love it! I would love if you checked it out and commented on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w9EYYKkhTQ

2) ADVENT CALENDERS; Every morning i love opening my advent calender and i have the Malteser’s advent calender and i love it! Chocolate in the morning is amazing. I have an advent calender every year, i’m like a child i know haha!! Advent calender’s are the countdown for Christmas, and makes me more excited for Christmas each morning!

3) Christmas Music: I love listening to Christmas music, as it gets me more festive and more excited for Christmas. I love turning on my Spotify and just putting a christmas album on and jamming out. In the morning when i am getting ready for the day, i make sure i have some Christmas music on and just sing along to it (sorry Neighbours haha!!) If you just type in ‘Christmas Music’ in on Spotify it will come up, but they have a playlist of festive favourites so that’s cool!

4) The Christmas Adverts; My favourite Christmas Advert this year has actually got to be the John Lewis ‘Man on the moon’ and the Co-op advert! The co-op advert is so beautiful as it is icy and the man goes shopping for he’s road and leaves the shopping outside the house. John lewis is this little girl who gets a telescope and she gets annoyed because the man on the moon can’t see her, so the little girl flys him a telescope and he can see her! Just type into Youtube the adverts!

5) VLOGMAS: Who doesn’t love watching their favourite youtuber vlog every single day for 24 days! How exciting. My favourite Vlogmas this year has got to be: Zoella, Tanya Burr, SprinkleOfGlitter, Just Jodes and MegSays. They make me even more festive and i love all their Vlogmas this year! How cool is Zoella’s house and Tanya Burr’s house, so festive!!

6) Christmas Films: My favourite Christmas films have got to be: Elf and all of the Home Alone’s and of course The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.  Every single year i make sure i have time to watch these films as i love them! They are like my childhood favourites and to this day i still lov watching the films with a hot chocolate.

7) Food: My Favourite food around this time of year has got to be Mince Pies. I think this is such a tradition to have a mince pie around Christmas time and as soon as i see Mince Pies i’m like Christmas is coming. I also love eating things with cinnamon in as it is just a cosy food and brings a bit of festivity!

8) Lush Christmas; I love Lush as some of you may or may not know but their Christmas collection is amazing. They have bought a few old Lush Christmas bath bombs back, but some of their new collection is beautiful!I think Lush is also amazing if you have friends and family who loves lush, to buy them the gift boxes that you can get and they are reasonably priced which is amazing if you have a budget. My favourite Lush Christmas bath bomb is: five gold rings bubble bar as it makes all your bath go gold, and i love it!!

So there are my 8 festive favourites and i hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Leading up to Christmas there will be a few other posts surrounding Christmas!

See you all soon
Amy x

Merry Christmas!!!

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