Christmas Eve//Traditions

Hi Guys,
How is it only 1 day until Christmas Day?? How exciting eeeek. I love the build up to Christmas and then i get really sad when it is over as then it’s just cold:(

Christmas Eve is my favourite time also and I love chilling out with my family watching a few Christmas movies in our PJ’s. This afternoon we watched Nativity as this is my favourite Christmas movie and tonight we will be watching Love Actually, as this is my first favourite movie!!

Traditions on Christmas Eve is:

We will wake up and i will wrap a few last minute presents, as i love wrapping people’s presents as i find it so relaxing and more Christmassy, especially when the Christmas music is on.

Later in the day we will go shopping for last minute food that we need to get for Boxing Day as on Christmas day this year, we’re going Toby Carvery with some of my family!

Then we always get fish and chips from our local fish and chip shop and this has been a tradition for as long as i can remember.

My mum gives us 1 present each and then they will be Christmas PJ’s and then i have a Christmas Lush bath and get ready in my PJ’s.

As we get up around 7;30/8:00 on Christmas day i go to sleep at around 10:30 so i feel fresh in the morning and enjoy the day!

Christmas is my favourite time of year as i always spend it with my family members and this is the time when loads of people feel so festive and  happy and you can eat as much as you like (hahaha)!!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year with your family and Friends!
I may do a blog post on what i got for Christmas let me know!!!

Love and happy wishes,
Amy x

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