Musicalize chase! Get involved

hiya guys,

Just a quick blog post to say Chase has a massive thing that he all wants all the chasers to join in! He could win a competition to perform with Jeremih, pretty big ay?

I really think chase deserves this as he has worked and is still working hard to make he’s dream a reality! If you want to get involved vote ‘chase blake’ on this link here  I would really appreciate if you done it, as he makes me happy and I’m so proud of him, so I want him to be given this amazing opportunity!

Also why don’t you get involved in the hashtag and tag @chaseblake01 and hashtag #Musicalizechase.

I really hope he wins as he really deserves this, I don’t know another person who deserves this more than him!!

Thank you! -I’ll be back with another blog post soon!

Get hash tagging and tweeting #MusicalizeChase

Amy x

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