My day in London

Heya guys,
It has been a bit hectic over the last couple of weeks with some things happening in my personal life and college life. I have missed blogging so much and really want to come back to it!!

So today, I went to London, and it was amazing! We went to M&M world, had lunch at Chiquitos and went to Buckingham palace. I am very lucky in the way that I love quite near to London and can visit when I am not working or at college. London is such a beautiful city to live in and to explore. A lot of people who live around the world, love looking around London at all the different type of memo rob that they can pick up.

It was a really lovely day today, and felt like a touch of Summer. In green park people were on the green, hiring out deck chairs, eating ice cream and just relaxing and taking in the London atmosphere. It was such a beautiful day and reminded me of summer!!

Head over to my Instagram to look at a few pictures I took of today: AmyLaurenBellX

Chiquitos: it serves a wide range of foods from: burgers, wraps, nachos and all that lovely delicious stuff! You can find them a round a lot of places!!

I love living near London and being in the atmosphere, where people are soaking up the London life. Taking pictures of the amazing things, sharing their amazing memories for everyone to see.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post

See you soon
Amy x

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