Joseph Morris

Heya guys,
I want to become more active on This blog and try to promote the people I love and support, and who deserve the recognition.. My blog post today is about a person I have been supporting for 2 and a half years. I have watched Joseph grow as a person and gain confidence in each part of his personal life and musical life. I’m forever proud of Joseph as he is the main person who has been supporting me also through everything. Everytime I need some support, I’ll always message him! Without sounding too cringe, he’s my fave and from the day I met him, I knew he was genuine.. Anyway…

Who is Joseph Morris?
He is a London based singer and is a soloist. He has done many events like soccer six, supported acts on their tours and is an all round amazing guy. Joseph does covers on YouTube and on his Twitter page also. He loves football and supports Manchester United (ew, I know) haha!!! He has also recently been impersonating famous people and oh my god, he is the most talented person I have come across! He sings and does impressions of people, pretty great ay!! He also writes a lot of his own songs! Recently, he has done impressions of Van Gaal, sir Alex Ferguson and a lot more other famous faces!

How did I come across him?
So, he was being announced for a lot of events I was going to and I thought I would follow him on Twitter. we’d always be talking on dms and I wanted to meet him for a very long time. Finally at the February 2015 soccer six I finally did! I was only standard, but I asked him to come up and see me and he did! I literally felt I could be myself around him and to this day, I have always supported him! I’m so proud of what he has done and the person he has grown into!!

A message from him about why he likes music:

‘One of the reasons why I enjoy singing, writing songs, because for a long time it’s been a coping mechanism to actually portray the way I feel. So where words, trying to talk to somebody would fail, music would always be the tool that actually allows me freely to express those feelings that really have often been difficult for me to put across.’

I love this message because it really expresses Joseph in a positive way and he has such a kind heart!

A message from him for the fans:

‘The support from those who follow what I do, is humbling & gratefully appreciated, I wouldn’t be pursuing my dreams if it wasn’t for those who support me, I love them’

A message from me to Joseph
‘I’m so proud of you in every way Joseph, keep believing in yourself the way that I believe in you! Keep doing them impressions! Hope you enjoyed the little blog post Joseph, you inspire me everyday and to come out of my comfort zone, I hope you enjoy reading this blog post Xx’

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post!! I really want you to check out Joseph’s music and Twitter page, as always everything will be linked below!

Twitter: @Joseph23Morris
Instagram: @Joseph23Morris
YouTube Channel:

Love always Amy x

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