Goodbye Aaron&Good Luck!!


2 blog posts tonight?? How lucky are you haha!
I just wanted to do a quick blog post about Aaron who was in new kings order (the X factor most known for). I have known them which seems for ages! The news came about last night when Aaron announced he was going to be leaving the band, I am so surprised but so proud of how far he has come with the boys. 
I can’t wait to see you on your new journey and to see the new ventures you have been creating. I can’t wait to support you, even though it’s emotional, that you are leaving NKO, everything happens for a reason and I truly believe you will succeed in everything you have done and are going to be doing. A new journey doesn’t mean it’s going to be a scary one, it just means that your time has come to leave the band. I will miss you a lot, but always know you can’t get away from me that easily, it just means that you will be probably seeing me less haha! Seeing you from before the X factor till now, has been such an amazing adventure!!! I’ll be forever supporting you whenever! 
Every time I have spoken to Aaron,he has been so lovely! I’ll forever cherish the moments and memories I have made with you in NKO! Can’t wait to see the new project and go get them kiddo (even though you’re older than me but ah well). Go chase them dreams x
Love you always
Amy x

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