Summer Beauty essentials!

How amazing has the weather been in the UK over the last couple of days! The sunshine is still shining here as well, which is why thought i would do this blog post!

Suncream is such an essential! I love the Nivea suncream, as it really agrees with my skin and it works! I use SPF 30! As the sun is shining, suncream is so important for your skin as you don’t want to burn! Another sun cream, i have also been loving is the Garnier Ambre Solaire and again really agrees with my skin type! All these sun creams you can buy from boots or supermarkets!

Nyx Setting spray: I love the brand NYX so when I saw their setting spray in boots, I was so happy. In the summer, a lot of people go glam in tbe evening Time of summer and if it is really hot, I find that your makeup can just drop and go oily. A setting spray helps leave your makeup in place and sets all makeup into place, which of course says in the name! The setting spray is: £7 and you could buy the matte setting spray if you want to go for a matte look or the dewy one if you want more of the dewy look! I would defiantly recommend this setting spray.

Foundation: in the summer; I tend not to wear a lot of foundation, but if I was to wear a foundation it would defiantly be the loreal magique cushion foundation! This feels so light on the skin and gives you that flawless finish. As a drugstore brand, this defiantly gave me full coverage which I love in a foundation, as it covered up my spots and blemishes! In the summer, I like having something light in my skin, so this is such a good foundation. This is £14.99 and my shade was rose vanilla!

Powder; powder is such an essential for me in the summer and this helps me achieve the matte look I’m looking for and also leaves my makeup from dropping. The loreal magique powder is amazing with the loreal foundation. This gives me the sheer coverage and it doesn’t give you a shine, as it is very natural!  This is £6.99 and my shade is light!

Bronzer: I love wearing bronzer, but in the summer, I really believe this is where you could bronze your face up and in the summer you want the natural bronzed look!  The bronzer I have been loving is the Tanya burr rosy flush cheek palette! This comes with a highlight, bronze and blush’ I love the bronze from this as it is very suptle and natural looking! This was £8.00! I also love the benefit hoola bronzer to Contor out my cheekbones and because I have been using it so much, I have ran out:(. I love the bronzed look it gives you! And this was £9.95.

Blush: I love wearing blush in the summer as it gives you that warm blush colour and gives you a subtle pink colour to your cheeks, Which looks amazing in the summer. I love wearing the loreal le blush in the shade luminous rose! This gives you a lovely coral pink colour and looks amazing with the bronzer. This was £3.99

Highlight: my personal favourite in the summer! This gives your skin the glow and in the summer glam makeup look, it finishes off the look for me. I love glowing!! The highlight I have been loving is the famous shimmer Brick and this gives you the most amazing glow, and you can build it up to as much as you want. In the summer I apply this with my real techniques beauty blender, to build the highlight up! I also love the Tanya burr highlight also in the rosy flush cheek pallete if I want that subtle glow. The shimmer Brick: £4 Tanya burr: £8.00

Mascara; I love the benefit rollerlash mascara, this really defines my eyes and brings out my eye colour. I love building this product up on my eye lashes and it doesn’t go clumpy. This really clings to every eye lash and looks amazing on! This was: £17.55

Lipstick: I really love wearing bright colours in the summer, as summer is a bright month and the best excuse to wear a bright lipstick’ I love wearing lipgloss also after my lipstick, to give it that extra shine. Lipstick I have been loving is: maybelline blushed lip stick, this is such a lovely pink colour and also gives me that shine’ this is £6.99. I have also been loving: NYX liquid suede cream lipstick, which is a lipstick but it’s sheer so it looks lovely on the lips! This is: £6.50. Lipgloss I have been loving is: NYX soft matte lip cream; this goes amazing over the lipstick and doesn’t go matte which is amazing! This is £5.50

Perfume is such a lovely thing in summer, as all the summer scents come out. Some of the summer scents remind me of subathing on the beach, and that fresh summer smell. I love the Zoella sweet inspirations Perfume as it has that sweet summer scent and it smells so fresh and is quite long lasting.

In the summer, your skin can get really sensitive as there is so much sun on your skin. It’s not all about the sun cream, it’s about the care you give to your skin after being out in sun all day! I have been loving the Nivea after sun moisturising as it really hydrates the skin and also doesn’t dry your skin out. This is £6

Loreal skin perfection micellar water: this is so amazing for all skin types and also allows your skin to breathe. It’s so refreshing on the skin and also helps take your make up off which is such a bonus! This is £3.00

That’s it for my summer beauty essentials! Have an amazing summer, and I’ll be back soon!’
Amy x

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