Chase Blake/Chasing La

Hello guys,
Today I’m going to be writing a blog post all about chase Blake in LA!

Who is chase?
Chase Blake was in a duo named ‘Benj and Benji’ they decided to go separate ways and start recording individually. Chase is ‘Bringing R&B back’ and does covers with remixes. Chase was always the rapper and has decided to make that his focus. He is a talented song writer and rapper! He has performed at a load of events and has a lot of support from people from the fans to the music industries.

Why is he in LA?
Chase is in LA to further his music career and record a few songs.  It’s really exciting to watch him further his career! Chase has also been vlogging whilst in LA, and it is safe to say I’m so jealous!! It’s really lovely to watch the vlogs and see how happy he is whilst out there! Even though he’s in la for music, there’s probably gonna be some more surprises also, as chase doesn’t do things by half! I’ll leave the links down below where you can contact chase and Facebook where you can watch his vlogs!

New song?
Chase has recently done a quick song in LA and has uploaded it onto his Facebook. It’s something different and has a different vibe to it! It’s called ‘Mr Right’ and let him know what you think here
Chase’s influences:

As a R&B singer he has a lot of influences around and has always been influenced by the likes of:
Craig David
Kanye west

Where can I contact Chase?
Twitter: @ChaseBlake01
Instagram: ChaseBlake01
Facebook: chase Blake

Hope you enjoy reading
Amy x

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