Chase Blake chasing La Part 2…

Hey guys,
I thought I would do a part 2 on chase chasing la as he has 2 new EP’s out! How cool is that?
So what has chase been doing in La?
So chase has 2 albums out now… Part1…

Chasing La: this is the first album he released and wow what tunes! As he is clearly the nicest person, he has put it on sound cloud so you can listen to it for free(you have no excuses now). I really like this album already and have been listening to this since it has been released today!
What is the album songs?
1) crisis
2) Mr Right
3) watch this space.

This is a very R&B type of track and upbeat!

I asked chase about what kind of vibe he wanted the album to be and this is it
‘ For Chasing LA: a change. A transition. & to show a different side to ChaseBlake01’

As this is very upbeat there are some slow vibes onto the track as well, which balances the album out as well!!

Part 2… Chasing 01

This album has remixes on it!! This is very R&B remixes and has a chase Blake Vibe on it, which I love! This is like the old music he made, and I really like it! Again you can download this one on the computer for free and I’m sure you’ll love it!
Album songs?

2) tied up
3)In 2
4) Fill Me in
5) got love
6)one take freestyle
7) pillow talk

These songs are very chase Blake Vibe and I love this!

When asking chase about the vibe he wanted this is what he had to say:

‘For Chasing01: more of the same. More high quality remixes & top lyrical wordplay’

Again a very high tempo album and gets easily stuck in my head! I love this album and all the 7 tracks on it, it’s so high tempo and very R&B which I love!! This really suits chase’s style.

Where can I hear this?

– Chasing La:

– Chasing 01:

Where can I find chase on social media?
Twitter, Instagram& Facebook: ChaseBlake01

Thank-you for reading and don’t forget to have a listen!!

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