summer travel essentials!♡


I thought i would write a blog post on summer travel essentials! If you’re going on your summer holiday or even going on a day/weekend trip in the summer, this is my top tips!

♡ Earphones are the best essential! If i ever get bored in the car or the aeroplane then i just love to zone out. I prefer wearing headphones when i am on the aeroplane because i find them more comfier and i can block all the sounds out!  these rose gold headphones from Net-A-Porter, which you can buy here: 

♡Chewing gum: I love chewing chewing gum, i suffer with travel sickness, so if i am chewing chewing gum, this helps me with the journey! I have the extra spearmint chewing gum and this really helps me on short or long journeys. 

♡ My Laptop: A life saviour on journeys. I tend to get bored on car journeys so i like to be writing blog post on long car journeys or aeroplanes! What i tend to do, i open up word and plan my blog posts and then copy and paste from word. I love planning blog posts for the future!

♡My Phone: My phone is always a must! I love using journeys to catch up on my social media and posting pictures on my instagram: You can follow my instagram here: AmyLaurenBellx (shameless self promo i know!) . I love having my phone also for music as well and just chilling to m spotify playlist as i find music so calming!

♡A Book: I love reading books and i don’t get as much time to read books anymore which is sad, because i love reading books. I save my books for chill time, which i find is going on a journey. I have been loving the Zoella book club, the book i am reading at the moment, is all the bright places. 

♡ Portable charger: Always a life saviour! I must drain my battery so much on journeys, by scrolling through my social media and listening to music, so a portable charger is a must! I use the portable charger from carphone warehouse, and it comes with a lead.

♡Cosy socks: If you are travelling late at night or early in the morning, it could be a little bit more chiller! I love wearing cosy socks and i buy mine from primark as these are cheap and if you do manage to misplace them, they are cheap and it doesn’t really matter!

♡Notebook and pen: If my laptop dies on me, i love writing down in my notebook, blog post ideas! This is my favourite thing to do when i have nothing else to do. I love just deciding what blog post to write and there is so many inspirations out there for blog posts!

♡ Cleansing wipes: I don’t really like to wear makeup on the aeroplane, but just wiping your face with the simple makeup wipes is such a good way to rehydrate your skin and make your skin feel cleaner and fresher. I love using the simple cleansing wipes as they really freshen up your skin!

Hope you enjoy my blog post!
Amy ♡ 

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