Club Drive EP launch


♡Today i am writing about a band who have recently followed me on twitter and i have spoken to them a few times and they are so lovely! They are also from the county i come from, so even better! They are so talented and i would like to share them with you also,in the hope that you like them to!

Who are Club drive?

Club drive are a 4 piece band from Hertfordshire. They are a pop/rock and R&B group!  Know that festival fusion festival? Well, these 4 boys will be performing there alongside Olly Murs, The vamps and other famous faces that you may recognise! Fusion Festival is on from the 3rd september-4th september, so go and check them out there! They will be playing mainstage on the sunday. They have been together for 7 months and have already impressed a lot of people with their good looks and their boyish charms! They have sold out a number of venues and have caught the interest of BBC Radio one! They have also sold out o2 shows before and now this one will be a success also!

When i asked the boys what they were most excited for, for their upcoming gig, this is what they said

We’re most excited to play new music from our brand new EP ‘Dangerous’

Ep Launch Details:

*The EP tickets are only limited to 100 tickets&An 18+ event!*
Date: Friday 9th September
♡Time: 7pm
♡Location: O2 Islington
♡Price: £10
♡Ep Name: Dangerous

Can I still hear their music if i don’t go?
Of course you will still be able to hear their music, as this will be available for you to download on spotify and itunes. Even though this is an 18+ event, they also will be touring in the future, for those who is are not yet 18! 

Where can I contact the boys?
♡Instagram: @ClubDriveBand

I’m so gutted i won’t be there supporting them, but i know they will do the most amazing job! Good luck boys!
Love Amy

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