Things you can do in the summer♡

Hey guys,

♡I love the summer, which means a lot of summer blog posts have come your way recently, so i hope you enjoy reading them! i wanted to do a blog post on things you can do in the summer. I haven’t been away this summer abroad, and i have had to make the most out of the english weather (which hasn’t been to bad recently). So i thought for the people who haven’t had much to do in this summer holiday, i would write this blog post!

♡ Open air swimming pool: Now for this, you have got to have the weather for this as it is outdoors! I have recently discovered there is an open air swimming pool near me, so on the warmer days, i find myself going to there. It opens at 7:30am and closes at 6:30pm and is £5 for adults and £2.50 for children. I think this is such a good price as you could stay there all day. There is a cafe on the site which isn’t too expensive for food. The open air swimming pool i go to is in Letchworth: 
more information can be found here. The swimming pool is also heated which is good if its not as warm. Theree is a field area, where you can sit and relax with family or friends and if you don’t want to eat in the cafe, there is an opportunity to bring your own picnic, which we done!

 Theme parks: I love theme parks and rollercoasters! I think you can have such a laugh on a day out like this if you like rollercoasters! I have been to thorpe park and southend this summer holiday and both loved them equally. Thorpe park are for the people who are a lover of rollercoasters and the adrenaline when you’re cuing is phenomenal. Southend pleasure beach are for the people who doesn’t like the massive rollercoasters and this is kid friendly also which is a bonus if you have children, sisters and brothers. It also has a beach nearby which is beautiful in the sunshine.

♡Picnics: I love a picnic in the summer on a field and just getting the blanket out, putting some music on and just enjoying the outdoors.I love the chilled vibe it has of just chilling with a picnic. 

♡ Exploring your city: I live near London, so i am quite lucky! I love exploring London in the summer as there is a lot of things to do in the summer, in London. I love the vibe of London in the summer, because there are a lot more tourists! You can take amazing pictures of the city you live in, and it also brightens up your instagram up a bit more, and you have also gained some sight seeing, which is amazing!

♡ Gigs: I love going to gigs all year round, but there are a lot more gigs and festivals in the summer which you could go to. I think this is such an amazing way to interact with people and also meet some new friends. I love going to gigs because its something i enjoy and love to do in the Summer also. 

♡ Try something you have never done before: I don’t think i do enough of this. I am the type of person to chill in my comfort zone. In the summer, it is the perfect opportunity to do something, you have never done before and go on new adventures. You have the whole 6 weeks to do this and you may enjoy doing it as well!

Here are a few of my tips! Hope you are having a good summer so far, it’s not too late to do these!


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