what to do when feeling stressed?

Hey Guys,

So GCSE and a level results are round the corner and i am the worst at keeping my cool during these moments. I always remember when i was about to get my GCSE results and i was feeling very stressed during this period of time. So what i done was..

♡ Get a good nights sleep:
I cannot stress the importance of getting a good nights sleep. You are meant to get 8 hours sleep a night and i know if i have not enough sleep, i get really moody! Moodiness and stress, really does not work! Make an effort to try and get a good night sleep because this will make you feel less stressed in the morning. Try not to look at any social media before going to sleep, to be able to get a good nights sleep. 

♡Music: I love listening to my favourite music. When i am feeling stressed, i make a playlist on spotify or itunes and just chill out listening to my music. This is a good way to relive stress. I also love just jamming to music, and singing along to my favourite music from the good old days or the charts. 

♡Take a walk: Near where i live, there is a river near me and it look like the countryside. I love going for walks around there to be able to relive the stress and make my brain less active. 

♡ Exercise: I know, exercise, same! Try and find something you enjoy doing and this will make you feel less stressed, more happier and plus, you’re also building a healthier lifestyle. Me and my friend do kickboxing once a week and it feels so good to let the stress out, as you have to focus on that. 

♡Bath: Run yourself a bath, light some candles, put some relaxing music on and just relax! This is such a good way to make yourself happy! I love catching up on netflix or youtube videos, that i may have missed and just soaking in the bath. 

♡Taking some time out for yourself: I cannot stress the importance of this. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! If you want to meet up with friends, have a quiet night in, pamper night with friends, this is such a good way to be able to take your mind off some things for a while and have a good old gossip! 

♡Makeup and an outfit: If you enjoy putting your makeup on and wearing a good outfit, you should do it! If you feel comfortable in your skin, you will feel more happier and confident! 

I hope you enjoy this blog post!

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