The A-Z list of my favourites!

Hey guys,

♡So i wanted to write a list of all my favourite things, but in a different way! I wanted to challenge myself in this blog post of all my favourite things i have been loving recently or have for quite a long time!

♡A-Apps: I have an iphone, and i love using all the new apps on my phone and love downloading some new apps every time. My favourite app i have been loving is of course: Twitter, instagram, pintrest and snapchat! I love being able to document my life, and look back on it! 

♡ Books: Now i have a few days to myself and i can just chill out in the summer. I love reading books and this really relaxes me! You can also take books anywhere: In the garden, on the train anywhere that you would like to read a book! I am loving All the bright places from Zoella bookclub range.

♡ Coupons: Who doesn’t love some coupons that can get you discounts! I love collecting magazines and leaflets that have a few coupons in them. We recently went to the zoo and we got some coupons where you could save discounts! There was also a coupon to save 20% on an asos order!

♡ Dresses: In the summer, i love wearing dresses, especially flowy dresses or maxi dresses. This really looks lovely in the summer with a pair of sandals or flip flops and can look lovely if you want to wear them casually or dress them up a bit for a wedding or party! 

♡ E!: I love this Tv channel, it is full of reality TV programmes like Keeping up with the kardashians (which i am totally obsessed with) and lots more! I love the news part where they update you on all the fashion news!
♡Franklin Lake: My favourites for a very long time. I love these boys and the amazing shows they put on! These boys are the most hardworking people and are so determined! They have recently put up a new cover: ‘Cant’t stop the feeling’ go check it out here:

♡Gigs: I love going to gigs, i feel in my comfort zone and love watching my favourite people perform. It also gives me a chance to catch up with friends and i love how the whole vibe is for the day! I feel that people are always chilled and happy, when they watch people perform!

♡ Hairspray: Not the product hairspray, the movie! I have loved this movie for a very long time and i love just watching it when i get a chance. This is such a lovely movie to watch and i always love singing along!!!

♡ Icecream: Who doesn’t love ice cream in this weather. A perfect excuse to eat ice cream, when the sun is shining. I have been loving mint choc chip ice cream for a long time.

♡Jump Giants: I love going to this trampolining place. They have a lot of activities that goes on also, and a lot of trampolines! This burns so much calories also, which is also fab! This place is in Essex and it is a lot of fun!

♡Krispy Kreme: I never really was a big fan of Krispy Kreme, but i recently went to one in london, and i loved the doughnut! I think i crave it all the time now (which is not so great) but i thought i would feature this because it is one of my new favourites!

♡ Loreal: I have briefly spoke about this makeup brand in a couple blog posts back, and i am still loving their infalliable range and their magique range! It feels so lightweight on my skin and when i am wearing it, it feels like i’m not wearing anything. It also stays on for so long also!!

♡ Max factor: Another make up range i am loving. Again this is a drug store make up brand, and i love it! I am loving their mascara as it never clumps and creates the most amazing look

♡ Nivea sun cream: In the summer, it is so important to protect your skin from the sun to prevent you burning. I have been loving the nivea sun cream for a long time now and because i am quite pale, i have to be very careful! I tend to use factor 30 or factor 50 on my skin! This really helps prevent burning and i use the spray one because i hate rubbing the sun cream in!

♡Oyster Card: Life saver! I love using my oyster card around london, because it is cheaper travel and so easy to carry around! i have the one, you can top up and it is so easy!

♡Pepsi: I’m not a big fan of diet coke, i prefer pepsi! I love drinking pepsi with ice, in the summer because it has a lot more fizz and flavour!

♡ Q&A’s: I am quite a nosy person, so i love watching q&a’s on Youtube. This is my favourite thing to do, when i haven’t got any more videos to watch in my subscription box, and i find you can find out a lot of things about that person, when they do a q&a!

♡Radio: In the car, when i haven’t got no battery on my phone, i love listening to the radio! My favourite radio station is for sure capital. They play the up to date tunes and also some throwback tunes. I love this and it makes car journeys less boring!

♡Spotify: I love spotfiy! I don’t have preminum, but you can get all the other features! I have amde a 2016 summer playlist, that i love singing along too or relaxing too! I have been loving this for a while now! 

♡TGI fridays: I love this place to eat! This is such a nice atmosphere and do the most amazing food! I tend to go for the chicken cajun pasta, and it is one of my favourite things on the menu! It is also reasonably priced also!

♡Urban outfitters: My friend recently bought something from there, and i loved it! I had a look on their website, and fell in love with some of their clothes! I made a few purchases with my birthday money, and their delivery service was also amazing!

♡Vaseline: I always tend to get dry lips and vaseline has been amazing on my lips! It feels and looks like i have nothing on my lips and it takes away the dry lips! It is also easy to slip into my bag!!
♡W: Again nothing for W:( 

♡x- Nope:(
♡Youtube: I love watching Youtube, i feel like Youtube will never get boring! I love watching my subscriptions when i am doing my makeup or if i am having a bubble bath! It really relaxes me and i have been loving the summer morning routines and makeup tutorials that i can try out for the summer.

♡Zoella: I have been loving watching Zoe’s vlogs and videos. They are so summery and i love how she is vlogging more recently now! 

I hope you enjoyed this type of blogpost!!

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