Birthday Ideas!

Hi guys,
So today i thought i would do a blog post on birthday ideas! It is my Mum’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Mum!).. so i thought the theme fitted perfectly.

♡Afternoon tea: My Mum loves afternoon tea, but it can be quite expensive. So for my Mum’s birthday, we threw her a surprise afternoon tea in the garden. We bought balloons, decorative things for the table, banners, cake tier, scones, cakes, tea and load of other things. I love this idea as it can be cheap or expensive and is really thoughtful. It is lovely when the weather is sunny because the atmosphere is more nicer too!

♡Dinner out: Another lovely idea! There are a lot of nice places where you can go out to dinner and you can also book the table with champagne also, which is also a lovely idea. I feel a dinner can go so nicely because you can get dressed up!

♡Spa day: Who doesn’t love a spa day? We have a venue near us where they do spa days and you can have 2 people have a facial or a massage and then you can use the facilities until opening and closing time. This also comes with a champagne lunch. I feel this is such a nice idea, if you want to have more of a relaxing birthday!

♡Party: If you are planning for a special birthday, why not to do a party? You could book a hall out, or if your house is big enough, do it there! I love having parties because you can invite a lot of people. You can have photo booths, a DJ and get it decorated all nicely!

♡ Go to the beach: If you have a beach near you, this would be such a nice way to relax with someone on their birthday. If you have a summer birthday, it would be so lovely. You could spend the whole day at the beach and take a special birthday picnic, with all their favourite treats!

♡ Movie night: A nice way to spend time with your friends and choose a movie that you would like to watch! You could order pizza in and have a few snacks and drinks! A pamper night could also be included in that, as i feel that would be a nice way to spend your birthday!

These are a few of my ideas on birthday ideas, hope you enjoyed this blog post
Amy x

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