Back to school/College essentials!

hey guys,
So for some of us, we will be going back to school or college in september. I am going back to college to study my level 3 course in September, and i am excited to do my final 2 years there but not looking forward to the assignments or the early mornings, as i am fairly enjoying my lay ins this summer holiday! But i love stationary and i have been getting some stationary bits, as this is my favourite part of college!
♡Folders: Folders are so important if you are a college student or even if you are doing your GCSE’S. This helps me get more organised and i buy one for each of my units.  This is useful because if you want to do some revision or find some notes for some coursework, you know exactly what folder it is in, instead of cramming it into one folder. I buy my ones from Whsmith because they are sturdy and lasts the whole year. 

♡Dividers: If you don’t feel like buying a lot of folders or one teacher teaches you a variety of units, then you can have different folders for each teacher. I know at my college, i have 1 teacher for 2 units and if you don’t want to carry a lot of folders around, then you could divide your work up with dividers and write which unit is what. 

♡Pencil case: Another important essential because i cannot count the amount of times when i was at school, i would put all my stationary in my blazer pocket (pen, pencil, ruler) and they would always get lost. If you got a pencil case, it would organise it up more and they would be in the same place. Gabriella (VelvetGh0st) has brought out a new stationary range and this does pencil cases. I picked one up in primark and this always helps with my stationary.

♡A sturdy bag: You are going to need a sturdy bag! Last year i went through so many bags because they wasn’t sturdy enough for all my folders, note books and much more! I had to go out and buy a backpack, that lasted me much longer, and it is so comfortable! Even though, i always jam pack my bag, it feels like i’m not carrying anything! 

♡ Stationary: so important in the world of college. At school, they will tend to give you subject books but at college there is none of that. The notebooks are so handy, so you can write notes down and it is so handy, because you don’t have to remember and you all have it there. I see in Tesco they are doing a Pukka pad bundle, which is a folder, 2 notebooks, pen and pencil for £8, such a bargain! Pens and pencils, is so important because you need to be able to write with something. I love using sharpies and highlighters because if  i am writing in bright colours, i tend to remember stuff more easier. 

♡ Flash Cards: Such a life saver, i love using flash cards to revise from. They are such a great help, because you can write down the important information and key words, and you are bound to remember them more easily. I loved using these at school for my revision. 

These are a few of my essentials for school and college! 
Hope you enjoyed

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