Summer Holiday Diary..

Hey Guys,

So i wanted to do a blog post to look back on! I have had such a lovely summer holiday, even if i haven’t had a holiday abroad! We have been been very fortunate as the weather has been amazing in England

I have been seeing my friends, i went to a gig, many many shopping sprees and my week of blogging!!

So i broke up in June as i am in college, so we break up earlier than schools which meant town wasn’t that busy! I had many shopping sprees to my local town so i could just look at all the lovely clothes and it wasn’t complete chaos! I also took the time to see my family as i think it is very important to have family time and make amazing memories!
In the week that basically everyone broke up, on the Saturday me and my friend Amy and Laura, took ourselves to westfield and had a lovely dinner in Tgi fridays which is by far my favourite restaraunt! The next day me and Amy had to be up very early, we were meant to be up at 6, but turns out we only got about an hour and half sleep! I was exhausted the next day! So the three of us went to Birmingham to support Franklin Lake on Nathan Gurd’s tour and i had such a lovely memorable day! It’s always lovely to see Tay and Jude! We also bought them a Millies Cookie which looked amazing!!

Me and Amy (@AmyAndAmes)

Me And Tay
Me and Franklin Lake

Me And Jude

Millies Cookies

I also had a week of blogging, which meant a lot of my holidays were taken up by writing blogs and i loved it! I have also planned my Christmas blogposts already, which i am very very excited for! There are only a couple of months until  Christmas and i am so so excited already! oops!

Me, my Mum and brother also went to the outdoor swimming pool, where we just chilled out and i got a tan! I know, i never get a  tan so i was very shocked! I loved the time to chill out with the peole that i love and it was amazing! England got up to 30 degrees one day and i was very happy there was a pool nearby to soak! 

The other thing we got up to was canoeing, i didn’t think i would like it, but wow i defiantly did! I loved it! It was so good and a right exercise also! 

I have been picking up various holiday brochures for 2017 holidays, so hopefully we can go abroad next year! 

I also went to Westfield for a catchup and shopping spree with Dominique, who is such a lovely genuine girl! It was such a lovely day as i mostly only see her at events, and it was so nice to relax! I also want to congratulate her on her uni place! What an amazing achievement, and i am very very proud of you! Woo woo!!! 

Me And Dom at Westfield!

I also went to southend for 2 nights and it was such a lovely weekend! We had the most amazing view from our hotel room! The hotel site is a festive park so it has various restraunts, bowling and cinema! It is also only a 20 minute drive from southend! I love chilling by the sea and just keeping my mind off of everything!

For my Mum’s birthday, we threw her a afternoon tea party surprise! We held it in the garden and luckily, the sun was shining! It was such a lovely day!!!

Decor: Poundland
Flowers: M&S

Cakes And Scones: M&S

I am looking forward to going back to college and seeing all my college friends again! I can’t wait to study and after the first year of level 3, i may be working in a hospital placement! I am very excited, as i would like to be a midwife when i am qualified. 

I hope you like this little summer holiday diary!
Love Amy x

Ps: Blogging upload will usually be a Wednesday at 7pm!!!

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