Online friendships&Thankyou’s

Hey Guys,

Today i am going to be doing a blog post about online friendships! In this modern day world, everyone is using the internet and social media sites such as: Twitter, Instagram and snapchat!
When i first started using Twitter, i didn’t have a clue what i was doing and just followed a load of celebrities. Roll on a couple of years later when i have met the most amazing people online and also created a blog out of it! If it wasn’t for the internet, i wouldn’t be writing a blog post today!

A couple of important messages about online safety: Online safety is such an important thing as there are so many bad people online and only have one motive! Before meeting people in real life, make sure you know them and have had a couple of facetime or skype calls, just to make sure who they say, are actually who they are! Make sure you also meet in a busy place, where a lot of people meet like the town centre or at events!!!
I have made a lot of friendships thanks to twitter and events that i go to and also bands/singers we have in interest. I wanted to do a blog post on the amazing friendships i have made in the world of the internet!
Tia Maria: Me and Tia first started speaking in late 2013/Early 2014, when we met through a boyband named 11:11 but are now Franklin Lake! There is a back story to this But we won’t get into that! I think Tia was my first best friend on the internet, roll on to September 2016, we have shared many many memories, and all ones i will forever cherish! I am such a proud best friend of her and she continues to be someone who i dearly love and is basically part of my family! I have shared many many emotions with this lovely girl, but 100% she and me will always have each others back, and i know things and she knows things, that will never be shared. I actually cherish her so so much! She even sometimes knows me, better than myself sometimes! We have shared a many of sing alongs, photoshoots and emotions! Remember when you got me into nandos, that phase still hasn’t passed! I can’t wait for our roadtrips when i pass!! Thank you for having the confidence in me all the time! Thank-You a bunch! I love you a lotta T!  PS. we need a massive catchup soon! I miss you Dudeee! xxx

Dominique: I recently talked about Dominique in my blog post! Again i met Dominique through Franklin Lake. I met Dom in 2015!  I had followed her on twitter, and we met at a meetup they were doing! I have so much proudness of Dom, as she goes into uni and has loads of other things. Again, Dom knows a lot about me and vice versa! I am forever lucky to have Dom as a lovely friend, and i will forever cherish her! We have created so many memories- and our friendship gets stronger and stronger! I feel we are getting closer all the time, and i can’t wait to hear about uni! Go and smash it and i’ll see you soon! I miss you already! I love youuuu xxx
Amy; Well, well, well… Me and Amy have properly started talking in March of 2016! We dm’ed and we met at soccer six for the first time! Me and Amy have shared a many of emotions on facetime, and she is such a lovely person to have in my life! Even though we have only known each other a short amount of time, we have created so many amazing memories: Franklin Lake Home, Birmingham and our many mcdonalds and shopping trips! I count her as one of my bestfriends and she knows me better than myself at times! She knows exactly how i’m feeling! I count her as one of my family members, because she is such a lovely person! We spent 7 weekends in a row together, and had many amazing memories! I am so proud of you everyday, and i’m so excited for more memories to come! I love you a lotta my Tay’s Girl always! I can’t wait for our roadtrips! See you soon!! xxx

Emma: I have had many memories with Emma!I wish she lived closer:(! She has literally been the most lovely girl i have ever come across and so genuine! She makes me laugh so much! I think we have loads of rants and emotions, on facetime to her!!! Even though, she lives quite far, she is always a facetime call away! That charity football match you had to play in, was amazing!I never thought i would see you do that, but ay you done it! We met at Garry Caprani’s Gig, and it was such an amazing night! We were in the queue and wow, we just clicked! Thank you for being in my life and for all the selfies we took hahah!!  I’ll be seeing you a lot more, when i pass my test! I miss you, come back to London Soon!! Love you lots xxx
Amiee: Amiee, My Harry Girl!!! Wahey! I don’t even know when we first started speaking, but all i do know is that she is the most genuine, funny girl i have ever met! I think as soon as Harry comes into an event, you know she is there! I have had so many singalongs on facetime to her and she is such a lovely girl! Again, she lives quite far away- but i can’t wait to see you a lot more! It’s your birthday month- Big 18, and woo! I love and miss you a lot! see you soon xxx

Poppy- One thing: I miss you!!!! I miss Poppy so much, Poppy has been in my life since 2015, and i remember when i brought her, her soccer six ticket, she was so excited and shocked! That was a day of a mixture of emotions, and i can’t thank you enough for everything! A big congrats for getting into uni at London, and now you’re in London, i cannot wait to see you more- be prepared! I am so happy that you are happy with Jay, and he is such a lovely boy! You two are the cutest! I love and miss you so much! I love our skype calls also, and you are 100% the most genuine person i have ever met! Thank you for all the memories, and i will forever cherish you! Love you xxx

JameBoy: Hey, hey! So, i am going to do James, underneath Poppy, because she bought him into my life!! Thank you for introducing me to him! He is the most sassiest, loveliest, funniest guy you may ever come across! He means a lot to me, and even though i haven’t met him yet, you are always a message away for me! I am so proud of you, of you and your youtube! You have given me so much confidence in the way, that i didn’t even know i had myself! Thank you for being you, And keep on being sassy! I love you a lot!!xxx

Kieran: Kieran, the most sarcastic but nicest person i have ever spoke to! You are honestly so lovely and you need more confidence in yourself, because you are amazing! I know you have gone through a tough time recently, and i am 100% always there for you. You are always there for me and i will be always here for you too! I am so proud of you, for getting into uni, and i know you are going to do so well and be so successful! I promise you, everything will get better! Thank you for having the upmost confidence in me, and i will forever cherish you! You honestly mean the world to me! Ps. I miss our daily messages! Thanking you for everything- and don’t forget me when you become famous;)! Love you a lot! xxx

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost- A more personal one today!
Amy x

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