Jamie Scott bad boy swing

Heya Guys,

So 2 blog posts this week! I wanted to write a blog post on Jamie Scott! He is the most kindest person I have ever met! And I don’t say that light heartedly! Jamie has the most kindest heart and is willing to do amazing things. 

Who is jamie Scott?
Jamie Scott was formerly in ‘the x factor boyband Kingsland road’ but exited the band in 2012 and is now a solo singer. Jamie exploded onto the scene with his youtube after uploading his drake/Miguel cover. He currently does shows and gigs in London and has recently put a cover on youtube of love yourself, which has an amazing response. He is a song writer and does the occasional dance, well 24/7.. 

Where can i see his covers and what music covers?
I will give you a list of some of his most recent covers, which i love!!

1) Love Yourself
2)Crazy/Drunk in love

Just to give you a preview of his covers he has recently done. You can view them on his youtube here, and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy (It’s free) https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJamieScottMusic/videos

What events will he be attending? 
Jamie recently attended the Bedroom Bar pub in London last night, and again got an amazing response. He performed his song ‘Doctor’ and everyone loved it, so i heard!
Jamie has recently said he will be attending pub gigs in London. 

You can check out his new song of #BadBoySwing on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mrjamiescottmusiq/bad-boy-swing-original. It is an original and so uptempo, i am really enjoying the vibe of this song!!

Social Media links: 
Twitter: @JamieScottOffic Join in the hashtag #BadBoySwing
Instagram: JamieScottArtist
Get interacting with him, he is the most genuine guy!

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post!
Amy x

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