Autumn night routine!

Heya guys,

So Autumn is finally here and i love Autumn. I love feeling cosy and warm in my house underneath the duvet cover!!

I thought i would write a blog post on my Autumn Night routine!

Step 1) I like to make my room all cosy and warm. I like to light some scented candles to get me into the relaxing mood. 

Step 2) I love to make myself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream of course or a cup of tea. I always relate hot chocolate to Autumn cosy nights in. This also will keep me hydrated!

Step 3) I like to turn on my relaxing playlist, i love the spotify playlists at the moment. If you type in relax, the playlist should come up. I also love Shawn Mendes new album. It is so relaxing and a nice vibe. 

Step 4: I love to run a bath and get into the relaxing mood. I love using the lush bath products and my favourite one is the frozen bath bomb. It makes a pretty colour and i love using the Zoella Bath Latte as it creates some lovely bubbles. I also like to read a book in the bath as i love reading and it relaxes me. I am reading all the bright places and so far enjoying it. After, i like to wash my hair and i am using the Gliss shampoo and conditioner! 
Step 5) When i am out of the bath, i like to unwind and put on my favourite cosy PJ’s! I love my penguin pj’s from primark and they are so comfy and cosy! They also keep you really warm. 

Step 6) I love watching netflix in bed and unwinding before i go to sleep. I am currently watching stranger things and i am hooked! I love it so much! It is a netflix original and one to watch!!

Step 7) I like to also look at social media, twitter: Amy_bellxx Instagram: AmyLaurenBellx and scroll through them before turning off my light and going to sleep…

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
Amy x

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